Why bring meditation into the workplace?

work place meditation

There are many incredible benefits of meditation for individuals. What about the benefits it can bring to an organisation?

Having worked in the corporate field for 16 years, I am incredibly passionate about this subject.

Health is a hot topic, everyone is talking about it. Organisations across the globe are looking at ways to bring well-being into the workplace, from yoga to healthy diets and personal chefs, to open communication and first aid mental health. All these things are necessary and should be implemented.

Shifting stigmas and recognising health is something everyone should engage in. For me, we take this to the next level by looking at the mind, not only transforming your employee’s life but in turn that of the business too.

Our professional world is a huge part of our life, and the workplace has an enormous impact on the mind and body. It is imperative to not only unwind, but also address all emotions related to your place of work. How you are managed impacts your life, how your CEO acts/behaves, how your peers are, what your responsibilities are, promotions, acceptance, and money – they all play a part in well-being. Stress and overworking is all too common in the workplace, and this is something that needs to change. It effects not only our health, but also our performance, creativity, and ability to achieve true success.

We need to avoid burn out, learn to relax and destress, live more authentically in the workplace and in turn enhance productivity and innovation, as well as tackle negative thought patterns such as imposter syndrome. 

Meditation is very vogue right now, all the cool kids are doing it: Google, Nike, Salesforce, Apple. Celebrities like Messi, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Gareth Bale, Cody Taylor, Beyonce, Jay Z, Russell Brand, Miley Cyrus, Hugh Jackman, Opera Winfrey, J-Lo, Will Smith and many more talk about the benefits of meditation. Entrepreneurs such as Jeff Weiner, Padmasree Warrior, Marc Benioff and Bill Ford all talk about how the practice has been vital to success.

Your employees are hearing the news about why meditation is key, why everyone is talking about it and why it’s the current trend in terms of health and they want more…

Facts and benefits of meditation in the workplace include:

*80% of workers say they feel stress at work and need help to manage it.

*Just 10 days of guided meditation can reduce stress by 14% and reduce irritability by 27%. 3 weeks of use was shown to increase compassion by 23% and reduce aggression by 57%.

*Meditation in the workplace has shown productivity rise by 120%, absenteeism fall by 85% and injuries drop by 70%.

*Meditation programmes can reduce anxiety and depression making workers more optimistic and increasing satisfaction with their careers.

*Build a more resilient workforce.

*Enhance concentration.

*Enhanced creativity.

*Harmonious work relationships.

*Better decision making.

What are you waiting for, start your meditation journey today.


*These statistics have been taken from a variety of sources.*

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