Individual Testimonials

Not quite sure if Authentically Me can help you? Read our testimonials and you’ll see how much Laura has helped out clients!

Sophie De Smet

“Started this course with the intention of improving my well being and imposter syndrome, and I achieved this as well as unexpectedly treating my IBS! I have been permanently bloated for the past year or so which crippled my self-esteem. After a few weeks in and doing meditations twice a week, coupled with yoga/movements, I have a flat stomach and significantly reduced my stress. This course has given me the tools to manage & reduce stress in my life and laid the foundations for me to start achieving my goals.

I’m someone that has battled with depression and anxiety from a very young age, meditation has been the most effective and enjoyable treatment for my mental health so far. I’ve tried medication in the past but found the side effects rehabilitating. Therapy for me was useful in understanding why I was the way I was etc, but I also found the process retraumatising and at a loss at what to do next.

For the first time in a long time, I now feel on the verge of change with a positive outlook on life. This has truly been a life changing experience for me.”

Joanna Mason

“I have just completed a six-week course with Laura, all conducted online, and I can truly say that it has changed my life. Laura has so much experience and knowledge that she generously shares throughout the course, along with structured sessions which look at many different aspects of life, that we all struggle with, at different stages.  Laura is so approachable and welcomes questions, and the sharing of experiences, but likewise, is able to hold a safe space, where there is no expectation to contribute.  

I found the course transformational, because Laura really helps to raise awareness around issues that are part of this condition known as being human. Laura leads the most down to earth and accessible meditations,  It felt like being guided by a friend. 

By the end of the course I was sleeping better, had less anxiety, I am more present in my daily life, at work and in my personal relationships, and I feel more content and peaceful. This course has really helped me with my self talk, it’s so nurturing to spend time with yourself, and to really dig deep into your personal values. I have loved this course so much, that I have signed up to the next one, and I can’t wait! Exceptional content, and a really knowledgeable, wonderfully open, understanding leader. Highly recommend you do this.”

14yr Old Teenage Girl

”These sessions have helped me so much, they’ve actually changed my life. I was a bit of  a trainwreck before we started. Over the last 7mths I have learnt so much about myself and feel a lot better in my skin and generally. I feel very different in public, I don’t get nervous anymore and am doing a lot more. I am attending more things, seeing friends, doing things I enjoy and getting outside more.  If any anxiety starts up or I begin to feel on edge or feel fear I know what to do to brush it off and control it. I’ve learnt how to be kind and nice to myself and also when to spot negativity and bring in more positive thoughts. Each subject has brought something to me, and I enjoy listening to topic and what we discuss, feeling heard and then the meditations which i really enjoy and listen to regularly. I haven’t had an anxiety attack in 4mths!!”


” My 13 year old daughter started her sessions with Laura after suffering so bad with panic attacks and anxiety which was impacting all areas in her life. Since starting with Laura the whole family have seen huge changes In her, she has started talking openly on how she is feeling and is smiling again, loving herself and showing love too others, and most importantly believing in herself again. Too have your child laugh and enjoy life again is amazing and with meditation and open talking has been wonderful. Thankyou Laura for all that you do finally my daughter is looking towards her future with happy days ahead “

Paul -Deputy Head-Joseph Rowntree School

”Laura has been working with students at The Joseph Rowntree school for some time now. Offering something very unique in this field; students really enjoy her sessions and benefit immensely from her work. Laura’s work covers important topics and emotions, emotions we all feel but those that are so often missed. We’ve asked Laura to cover; confidence boosting, stress relief, respond vs react, results, motivation, authenticity, anxiety, worry, fear,  peer pressure and values. We’ve really seen the benefit that young people can gain from Laura’s work. The sessions are tailored to individuals in a 1-1 space and Laura will adapt to what we feel as a school is core for individual or otherwise. Laura has helped students overcome panic attacks with  clear tangible results. Her work has also improved negative behaviours/attitude and helped students navigate their way through grief, recover from bullying  or the impact of other traumas while getting to know themselves better and provide a safe space for students to talk openly leading to a great sense of calm and reassurance in what can be a hectic and confusing time. I would highly recommend Laura and her services to individuals and also to other schools across the UK. 


”I thought everything about the session was just wonderful . You are an awesome presenter and speaker !! 

Your pace , timing, tone , and how you delivered was very inspiring and absolutely spot on . You had us all engaged and captivated by the content , how warm and honest and truly authentic !! Your journey is phenomenal. 

Id say every single point you discussed from the amazing content you have written , I could relate and resonate with …. I literally need to do so much more work on myself and find this a hugely enjoyable way to do so. I so look forward to more sessions in person. ”


 “You are so inspirational.I really enjoyed your LIVE in person session. Totally different to what I expected I found the whole session extremely engaging, thought provoking, motivational and it really touched my heart. I felt so relaxed in session and the feeling lasted for days. I find I have released something I didn’t even know I was holding onto, it’s amazing. I will be attending future sessions- thank you”  

Lucy - 40

”Ever since I began working with Laura, my outlook on life has significantly changed. She possesses an extraordinary depth of knowledge about health and overall well-being, making our collaboration truly remarkable. It feels like we’ve only scratched the service of what we can achieve together. Personally, I’ve been particularly amazed by the transformative power of meditation, an area I had never explored before. Laura has introduced me to a whole new realm of tranquility and  inner peace. ” 

Amelia -11yrs old

”Laura was very welcoming from the moment of enquiry and understanding my daughter needs, she made sure I had all the information and was there for any questions. My daughter was made to feel relaxed and welcome during her first session which made her look forward to the further sessions. Her warm and friendly approach helped ease any anxieties she had, and the entire experience was positive and enjoyable. My daughter really enjoyed learning meditation and will continue to use what she has learnt. I’m grateful for the care and service provided, and I highly recommend her to any parent seeking a comfortable relaxed environment for their child.”

Kevin Smith

KS Construction

“I have never understood or felt the need to concentrate on my well-being before I met Laura.

Being a man, it has always been difficult to admit that sometimes you struggle with your feelings and emotions. I have often felt embarrassed by re occurring issues that arise in my personal and professional life. I have had counselling before and have found that useful but feel that there is so much more to understand in what causes certain feelings and emotions.

Now I have been sceptic to the thought of meditation, but I thought I would give it a go with someone that fully understands the process. Laura has talked me through this process and has given me many guided meditations. I have found them a huge help to understand exactly why I feel the way I do.

Meditation together with Laura’s intelligence of how the mind works and the advice I have received I feel I am becoming a better person and I have the tools in place to continue to deal with my feelings and emotions. Laura has the ability to ease any fear or embarrassment of opening up to how you are feeling, she provides a safe environment where you can be totally open and honest.

I will continue to Mot my mind further with Laura through meditation and life coaching and I would without doubt recommend anyone to do the same.”

Duncan O'Connor

Owner Beverley Wellbeing

“I had the privilege of a guided meditation session with Laura a few weeks ago and was hugely impressed.

I have worked in a combination of professional sport the health service and a private wellbeing clinic and health club and have worked internationally in sport and so have experienced most things, but this experience was positively different.

Laura’s ease of communicating enabled her to draw out things I had been barely conscious of highlighting the areas I needed to address.

I went through a healing guided meditation and found it to be rewarding and challenging at the same time but in all it was an enormously beneficial experience.

I thought Laura was professional and diligent detailed and supportive.

I would highly recommend.”


”In the midst of a challenging period, Laura has been a beacon of calm amid the storm. Since connecting with her, I’ve found solace and renewed hope. Her expertise in health and wellbeing has been a guiding light, especially during tough times. With her support, i’ve begun to navigate through the turbulence, discovering newfound serenity through practices like meditation. Together, we’re embarking on a journey towards greater peace and resilience.” 


”I want to express my sincere gratitude for inviting me to your incredible workshop. Your insights on empowerment were truly eye-opening and provided so much valuable advice. The meditation session you led was nothing short of magical – it left me feeling centered and rejuvenated. Thank you for creating such an enriching and transformative experience. I’m deeply appreciative to have been a part of it.” ❤️ ” 


”I am so pleased we found you Laura! I was worried about my teenage daughter, confidence can be hard at this age, and I wanted to find something/someone who could help her navigate through this, and help her see the wonderful girl we see! Olivia has had 12 sessions so far and I can see such a difference in her self-belief! She tells me the topics she’s most enjoyed so far have been about authenticity and future life planning! I look forward to future holiday’s visiting her in Spain! 🙂 

We’ve had quite a few in-depth conversations since she started the sessions, and she loves to explore the topics, it’s prompted some really rich discussions, and she is often wiser than her years! The time that she spends in these sessions with you has become a precious time for her, and she looks forward to her weekly  calls. I wish this had been a thing when I was a teenager! I would love to see all schools be able to weave this sort of thing into their offer to children. 

Thank you for all the support you give O! ”


”I’ve known Laura for some years now and wanted to see what her course was about. I was so glad I did. Out my comfort zone I headed into the course with an open mind. The first session I felt this wasn’t for me until the meditation at the end. For the first time in years I felt totally relaxed and at peace with myself. Laura guides you to a sense of worth and belief in yourself. I found the next sessions I was more alert and focused on what was being discussed. I assume I didn’t have a fully opened mind for the first session. I strongly recommend treating yourself self to a course that suits your needs. 10 /10 thank you Laura


“I have done courses with Laura a few times now and it’s the perfect way to reset when I’m feeling stressed out or anxious. She is always discrete and professional but manages to bring a real sense of self to the sessions too. Her journey began from a place of despair and she never shys away from talking about her own experiences which I find honest, open and charming. There is something about a mediation being live which definitely adds to the experience. Laura’s voice is calming, easy to follow and I personally loved feeling like I was part of a group but in the comfort of my own home. With so much emphasis being placed on mental health and mindfulness, I think her sessions are the perfect choice for individuals but also businesses wanting to offer their staff a unique and beneficial activity in this field.


”The six week meditation course I attended provided a fulfilling way of relaxing that I had never experienced before. The true benefit was the in-depth dive into different topics. This course was so much more than a weekly 90 minute session. It left you reflecting and wanting to discover more. 

The supportive material enables you to do your own research and as you will continue to practice the learning long after the course ends. Laura’s authentic style shines through. In addition Laura shares her own experiences reinforcing how using these techniques will change your approach to many situations. This will happen when you’re ready and willing to change. This is my insight,  to find out sign up. This small investment in you, will make a difference and leave you with a new approach to do what is best for you, in a way that is right for you. The course is delivered in a professional safe environment. If you are considering this, then speak directly to Laura to find out more. 


”I was first drawn to Authentically Me in 2022, as the positive outcomes that Laura promoted just resonated with me. I have since completed three 6 week courses with Laura in a group setting, over the course of about 2 years.

The first course was about understanding our relationships, letting go of past issues, gaining confidence and questioning the way we feel and think about things. The second course built on that confidence and looked at manifesting and setting goals. The third course reinforced many of the ideas and content of the previous courses, with topics focusing on bringing joy to the present. It’s fair to say Laura’s sessions have seen me through a few important moments and achievements in the last couple of years, including a successful return to work after maternity leave. I went on to complete a fitness course that I had been working on, becoming a qualified fitness instructor, which was a total change of direction for me having worked in an office for 20 years. I recently looked at a list of goals I had set in an earlier session and realised that most of them had been met. Laura’s sessions gave me a boost when I needed it, and it is an enjoyable way to spend time on yourself and to get to know yourself better. A lot of thought goes into the planning and the content of the sessions and the positive feeling you get afterwards is the best. I would recommend Laura’s work to anybody. ”


”I came to your session unsure what to expect and I left with so much more than I could ever have imagined. You deliver in a great way, and even though I didn’t speak and only listened to your content intently, I felt completely heard by you. Everything you said resonated and made sense and made me think why haven’t I thought of this before. What you are doing is great, so unique, niche and i something everyone needs to do. I urge you if you haven’t already get in touch with Laura, attend some of her live sessions or complete 1-1’s- you’ll be so thankful you did!. Thanks again Laura, i am now signed up for more sessions with you and i can’t wait.” 


”I just want to say this, you are a gift to the universe that keeps on giving, thank you so much for your greatness. Every time I attend a session with you 1-1 or in group setting i discover something new, everything you say hits, motivates, releases and inspires. Your content is just wonderful and I will never tire of hearing it. It literally changes lives. ”


”Morning Laura

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for last night. I feel the most relaxed I have done for weeks. I did have one wakeful period in the night but I wasn’t worried, just awake. I’m going to try and keep hold of the feeling for as long as possible.

Thank you so much, you’re a miracle worker!


”I can’t stop thinking about the session. It was fab! Your delivery was spot on. Great content.. sharing your vulnerabilities makes it so powerful. The information and advise given was just the right blend with the topic. Today I have journaled re the reflection during meditation really insightful. I do feel calmer and more focused! So thought provoking.. thank you!”


”Thanks for today Laura, I really really enjoyed the session. I feel so safe at yours and feel like I can shut off from the world for a little bit with no worries. Thank you for making me be able to feel like that, it’s definitely needed ”


”I am so pleased I got in touch with you, got over the fear and wrong assumption of being a man so I shouldn’t do this and just made the call. I have so enjoyed our sessions and the great topics covered. This is so much more then meditation, your content is next level in subjects and feels like watching/listening to the best TED talk around. Thank you for all you do – i am recommending you to everyone!.”


””I wanted to tell you that I still firmly believe that I was divinely guided to you during a dark and difficult time. Your work is absolutely amazing and was exactly what I needed! It’s wonderful to see the truth sitting right in front of you. Everything was motivational and I was in need of doing more soul work!  Everything you teach, I can use for myself but also to help others in my career later so it’s like getting schooling too! As a psychology major I had many tools under my belt for coping but I really needed help seeing the issues I was having especially caring for my mom and so much trauma coming up. My most favorite quote from you was “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.” That is something I say to myself often now! ”


””I connected with Laura through LinkedIn and took part in one of her free sessions which I found excellent. I then booked myself onto her next available course and found the content and style of delivery just right. There was no pressure to participate but I found myself engaging more and more as the weeks went on. The most valuable part for me was the meditations at the end. I rarely take the time to let my mind relax and these massages for the mind were excellent. After every session I felt calm and centered. I would highly recommend anyone to speak to Laura or attend her courses.”

Chloe -21yrs old

”Thankyou Laura, these sessions have meant the world to me. You have been absolutely amazing and both my mum and dad have said they’ve seen me come so far since i started sessions with you. I myself have too and i can’t thank you enough for that. So thank you, you’ve been truly amazing.”

Olivia -14yrs old

”I am really enjoying the sessions with Laura, it’s a nice time for yourself, you cover a wide range of useful topics. I’ve noticed changes and improvements in myself. I feel more confident and more authentic. The meditative part is really relaxing! Laura is very easy to talk to. ”


Olivia - 32yrs old

”“I have really enjoyed working with Laura. There are so many things that have resonated with me which I will always remember. Healing is a long journey and this was part of my jigsaw. You can do diets, see specialists, take medication/supplements but I think we forget how important it is to reconnect with ourselves and pay attention to what our bodies are trying to communicate to us”

Amy -Team VG

”Just to say how much I continue to enjoy your sessions with Team VG. I always watch replay on Sundays. My weekly ‘massage for the mind’ is a great addition to making time to exercise my body and feels like a much more holistic approach to self-optimisation.”


Sarah 21yrs old

”I started my sessions with Laura in December 23 and I was a little nervous as I’ve never done meditation before but Laura made me feel extremely comfortable and she has helped me massively look at any of my issues from a different positive perspective and new ways to deal with situations. The meditation also really helps me to relax and overcome certain situations. I’m so happy I started, thank you so much Laura! ”


”You are so professional and a great speaker. I loved your session, you are inspirational, which is the whole point of what you do. It was my first meditation and very impressive. It really made me think. You are a beautiful human Laura. My friend who came with me thought you were excellent as well and loved the meditation as much as me. We look forward to future sessions. Thanks again.”


 ”I wanted to share that I was invited to a board meeting this week and usually I’m nervous and scared… I was calm and confident and it can only be the resources from you that have made that happen.

 I’ve felt much calmer today too after last nights session  as your content really helped to explain whats and why! I look forward to working through the exercises.


”Thank you… I really am enjoying it… I will be recommending you. I love that is anonymous too… I’m sometimes done with people by the end of the working day.. so just being able to sit back and chill.. and fall asleep is great for me. I love your authenticity.. your positivity is infectious and I certainly feel better for the sessions… ! Another great topic this evening.


I approached Laura about working with my 14 year old Daughter about 6 months ago and it’s been such a wonderful experience. Laila struggles with social anxiety and self confidence. The pandemic was particularly difficult starting Middle School remotely and being so isolated. She had a hard time connecting with her teachers and peers. She became withdrawn and would often have spiraling emotional episodes that became difficult to manage. The first Therapist we worked with was helpful but unreliable, she often canceled or rescheduled appointments. The second therapist wanted to jump quickly to a clinical diagnosis which was scary and not what I believed Laila needed. Summer holidays came around and Laila was doing a little better so we stopped the sessions. It seemed to help when she went back to school in-person but friendships were still hard. When Laila gets nervous about something the avoidance behavior can start days before the event, she starts to experience physical symptoms like stomach aches and nausea. Some days it kept her out of school. Large group settings are particularly hard, she has skipped all dances and many social events and as a Mum it’s really hard to see her struggling and missing out on things. 

I had read about Laura’s personal health and wellness journey and was so inspired. I liked the idea of Laila working with a life coach, someone who could help her understand her self worth.  The first session with Laila was a game changer. Learning about why her mind and body react to situations and how to handle it through meditation. I’ve noticed Laila using breathing techniques to get through anxious moments and it makes me so happy. Laura is teaching her skills that she can take with her throughout her life. I asked Laila how she likes the session, she says that “Laura really listens and tries to understand how I’m feeling”. She loves having someone to talk to.  I’m really grateful to have Laura in our lives,  thank you so much! Dawn.

Anonymous Parent

After 8 months of trying to get support for my daughter from the local GP and various charities for self-harm, extreme social anxiety, zero self-confidence or self-esteem we turned to Laura for support and it was the best decision we’ve made!

Although Laura is not clinically trained to support with these areas she does provide alternative therapies through meditation and guidance. I feel this is incredibly important as having been through the system myself, I know that not all psychologists are helpful and only treat you to their preferred methods. Laura’s approach is varied and led by my daughter on what she wants to focus on in each session and what she wants to achieve.

It took my daughter some time to fully relax into the weekly sessions but after just two weeks I saw a huge difference.

Before seeing Laura my daughter wouldn’t go to the end of the street, to the shop or out with my partner and I in general for fear of seeing someone from school and not looking “perfect”. On this one occasion she came back from the shop at the end of the street in the start of a full blown panic attack, however this time she sat down on the stairs focused and carried out some breathing techniques learnt with Laura that week.

Within 5 minutes she was fully calm and chose to sit downstairs with us instead of hiding in her bedroom alone stewing on what had just occurred and most likely self-harming as she used that as a way to release the stress/punish herself for her actions.

Panic attacks are a regular occurrence at school as well and sometimes several times a day. As Laura provides recordings of all the sessions school supports my daughter with being allowed to go to the head of years office and listen to the recordings at any time she needs to. At first she would be in there for up to an hour but as the school year came to an end it would sometimes be just 10 minutes to help bring the focus and clarity back.

We’re now in a new school year and so far, so good. Not once has my daughter had to go and use the head of years office as she has tools in her kit bag to deal with uncomfortable social situations a lot better than before. She also hasn’t self-harmed for quite some time which is such a relief.

Laura is incredibly flexible in her approach and so what started as weekly sessions then changed to bi-weekly after a few months and now monthly. My daughter is so much more confident, and I really believe she wouldn’t be where she is today without Laura.”

Alison Waring

”Having just completed a 6 week meditation course with Laura, I can highly recommend Laura’s services. Having done previous sessions with Laura, both one to one and standalone group sessions, I was looking forward to the structure of a weekly program to move me forwards in my life. The previous sessions had been completely transformative at a time in my life where I had been going through some incredibly emotional family stress. Laura held the space beautifully for me to move through these emotions during meditation and gain some key insights as to how to move forward with greater ease. A year on from our initial meeting, I found her sessions deeply thought provoking, life changing and transformational. Laura has a gift for showing you both through self enquiry and reflection and with her beautiful guided meditations how to find answers from your heart. I feel more authentically me as a result of the time we spent in the group sessions. Doing work in a group, Laura expertly heard and acknowledged everyone’s feedback and incorporated it with positive feedback and great encouragement. Her passion for health and wellness is a shining example to all of what is possible when we take personal responsibility for our own health. I am honoured to have worked with Laura and look forward to the advanced sessions to go deeper with the insights and personal understanding that these sessions enable.


”I joined the course having had some years of experience with yoga & meditation. I think it’s important to try new approaches and get input into your practice from people who inspire you, so your course seemed a natural fit (just a shame it took me so long to get around to trying it).

Many of the topics I had worked through in one way and another through previous/existing practices and I find are a total work in progress. So I found a lot of subtle benefits along the way. I found the session on fear particularly helpful, as I saw some deep seated fears that I had not consciously acknowledged before, or even considered- with my logical brain- that I had. 

I thought your pace and delivery of the sessions was very helpful for being able to set the focus for the thinking mind first before dropping more into deeper layers of consciousness with the meditation. The format made it easier to get the busy mind away from the meditation (no mean feat). 

Thanks again, really enjoyed it 🙂


“If anyone gets the chance to do this course I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re at a stumbling block in your life, need some direction with your future or general wellbeing, definitely go for it. Laura uses meditation as part of her sessions. I found this extremely powerful as well as relaxing. She made them very personal to me and a lot of stuff came up. She’d get me to write down my thoughts and feelings and this helped me to decide where I went and where I took things next.

After the first session I definitely become more positive, and started to feel more motivated and inspired to do more work and dive deeper into myself. I am so grateful to you Laura.”


”I wanted to tell you that I still firmly believe that I was divinely guided to you during a dark and difficult time. Your work is absolutely amazing and was exactly what I needed! It’s wonderful to see the truth sitting right in front of you. Everything was motivational and I was in need of doing more soul work!  Everything you teach, I can use for myself but also to help others in my career later so it’s like getting schooling too! As a psychology major I had many tools under my belt for coping but I really needed help seeing the issues I was having especially caring for my mom and so much trauma coming up. My most favorite quote from you was “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.” That is something I say to myself often now! ”

Amy -Team VG

”Just to say how much I continue to enjoy your sessions with Team VG. I always watch replay on Sundays. My weekly ‘massage for the mind’ is a great addition to making time to exercise my body and feels like a much more holistic approach to self-optimisation.”


Hannah -Mother of Tom-13yrs Old

I came across Laura by chance some time ago on social media, where I was utterly inspired by the story she shares of her own personal healing journey.  I’ve never met her in person, but every time I read a post of Laura’s I was left feeling that bit more positive and uplifted, so when I found out she’s widely experienced in life-coaching I got in touch to see if she might be the right person to help my 13 year old son Tom learn some tools to manage anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

      I knew without a doubt from the consultation call that Laura was absolutely the right person to help my son, that she would ‘get’ him, and that he would feel relaxed with her.  Obviously it’s an awkward experience for pretty much any kid of that age to jump on a 90 minute Zoom call with a stranger and talk about tricky subjects like emotions, but Tom came to me after each call absolutely buzzing over how it had gone and what he had learnt.

      Laura had the skills to relate so easily and naturally to Tom to meet him where he was at (I suspect this is something she’s talented at doing with most people she encounters), which meant he felt heard and accepted, and this allowed him to relax and drop into a space for growth.  He also really benefited from the emotions and thoughts he experiences being normalised – it’s one thing for a teen to have a parent tell them that what they’re experiencing is totally normal but some concepts carry more weight with a young person if they come from someone else!

      Tom is generally a confident and calm kid but he is prone to bouts of debilitating anxiety and lack of self-confidence, especially since the pressure of secondary school started. I know how these things can snowball, particularly whilst navigating the teenage years, so I really want to equip Tom and empower him with the ability to recognise how he can help himself – or seek help from others – when he feels overwhelmed.  

      Laura has been soo prompt and generous with her time in terms of communications with me.  She’s always listened carefully to what I was hoping for from the sessions and I love how aligned her process has been with what I would wish for for my child.  I completely trust her judgement in identifying and meeting Tom’s needs – I didn’t feel a need to quiz him after their sessions to see if she was saying ‘the right things’ – he was so visibly happy and glowing after each call that his big grin was a testament in itself.  And the things he did chat to me about made me want to book some life coaching sessions with Laura for myself tbh!

      We will definitely be booking in for the next set of sessions to build on what Tom has learnt already.  Being taught skills like these is life changing and one of the best investments I could make in my child’s future and his emotional wellbeing.  We love Laura; what a blessing from the universe to have this beautiful talented soul sent our way!

Hannah xox



“I’ve just finished a four week meditation course with Laura from Authentically Me. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and really look forward to the sessions every week. It has really inspired me to incorporate meditation into my daily routine.

The sessions made me completely switch my mind off from all the tasks I’ve got to do throughout the day. All the worries you might be having. It has made a huge difference to my life.

We always chatted in the sessions about anything going on and she gave me some good advice and perspective. I loved how the notes after the session were tailored to me, which makes the work Laura does really special. I can’t recommend her enough!”


“I have known Laura for many years as I am lucky enough to be a friend of one of her sisters. So I have seen her journey unfold over the years on social media. I am in awe of what she has achieved in healing herself from illness. When I saw one of her meditation courses advertised I immediately thought I would like to try it. Work and life in general were busy and I thought a meditation course would help me. I was so impressed with everything! Laura is so knowledgable and passionate about what she teaches. The topics she covered were so relevant to me personally and after each session I came away understanding myself a bit more as well as feeling very relaxed after the amazing meditations. I loved the course on so many levels. Not just for what I learnt but also the way it was presented. No one was made to feel like they had to contribute, it was just so nice to listen and take it all in. The topics were well thought out and relevant, and the mediations were so relaxing. I have continued with the meditations after the course and I find they really help to reduce stress. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. Her journey has been incredible and with her first hand knowledge of all that she teaches she is able to help others. So real, so honest, so relevant. So authentic!


Caren Vollans

“I was embarrassed to admit, but after everything I’ve been through in my life… for the first time I felt like I needed some help. I was seriously struggling and needed someone. Then up pops the wonderful Laura Simpson and I truly believe it was fate. This amazing lady helped me realise that I wasn’t to blame, that everything I have been through it was understandable how I felt. 

She helped me realise that I need to let things go that are out of my control. How others think of me is not my concern, and so much more. She gave me the mental clarity I needed and tools to help myself, when I genuinely felt so lost. If any of my friends or anyone you know needs someone to help them, please reach out to Laura Simpson. She can and she will help you help yourself and to be at peace with you.”

Susie Hawes

“I have really enjoyed working with Laura. Her story and mindset is so inspirational. The course helped me to identity why I have been feeling certain ways for years. Laura helped me to constantly ask, but why? Why do you feel like that, why does it matter.. and then she helped me to re-frame a lot of things too. Simple things like asking myself what a problem is teaching me, rather than going into a negative spiral of despair. I’ve mediated to relax and go to sleep before, but these mediations helped release a lot of emotions too. Plus they’re so relaxing – I even fell asleep! 

On a personal note, I just want to add that I knew Laura as kids at school, and we’d not spoken for nearly 20 years so I was a bit worried it would be awkward, but it wasn’t at all, it’s been great to reconnect and she’s been professional throughout. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get to the bottom of some tricky feelings and feel more positive!” 


“Thanks again Laura for giving me belief, hope and courage. It’s been an absolute game changer. You are one incredible lady. I am so privileged to have you in my life and have you helping me along my journey. Feeling so proud of myself for getting here and proud of you for helping me get here.

I have really enjoyed the work we have shared together. I have come through the other side with a definite improved positive attitude. Feeling so much more confident and motivated to move forward. I genuinely feel that what you have helped me achieve is going to have a strong, positive impact on my decision making and bring more joy into my current life.”


“I’m so grateful to Laura, and glad I got started with her. She’s so approachable, and insightful and really has helped me to find my way again. Laura goes the extra mile to ensure I feel supported and accepted, making me feel nurtured when I need it. Laura has so much knowledge and experience which means she is super relatable. Laura helps me build my own personal skills to get me on the road to where I want to be. I’m so excited to be on the way to finding myself again thanks to Laura.”


”Thank you so very much for being you and what you deliver. Your sessions really resonate with me, specifically with something I am going through personally at the moment. I really enjoy your sessions, they bring me great peace and have me feeling very relaxed, renewed and refreshed. You talk about us all needing a healing and I didn’t realise until I did this how true that was. Hugely enjoyable, thought provoking and inspirational! thank you. ”


“Thank you so much for this evening, I got more than you will know from it. Felt much better for it. Thank you. ” 

Nicki Coombs

“Laura was such a big help to me. I had been sick for a few years when Laura reached out to me and helped me see there was another option. She helped guide me with the natural healing process and NAET and really helped me believe it was worth sticking with, even when in the early days I felt worse from detoxing and midway through it when progress felt non-existent. She was always there to help guide and reassure me, helped me to focus on the now and what I could change. Now my life is more than I could have ever dreamed of when I was sick to my bed, my little boy is now one, my health mostly back to 100% and back to work. Honestly, give it a go, what do you have to lose and what do you have to gain!”

Jayna Heffner

“I can’t say enough about Laura. What a wonderful, deep old soul and genuinely, down to the bones GOOD human being. Laura is so incredibly gifted and talented in her approach to gently guide you down the path towards your own greatest healing and wellness. There is a trust that she establishes immediately and it never wavers. I’d feel comfortable discussing any topic with her. She is a guide, a teacher, and a friend. She was there for me even before her amazing business, I couldn’t be happier to support such an amazing person.”

Alison Wearing

“Having had my first session of meditation with Laura, I found her voice beautifully relaxing and her style of guided meditation enabled me to gain greater clarity on areas of stress in my life and release tension that I hadn’t been able to access on my own. I would highly recommend learning meditation as part of a significant part of healing and restoring your health and wellbeing. Laura’s own journey back to health is a testimony to what can be achieved.”


“What an incredible soul Laura is. It’s hard to put into words how much she has helped me over the last few weeks. A time for self reflection, self belief and giving myself some much needed me time. Laura has a unique gift that guides you on a path of positivity and light. Her meditation exercises are so relaxing.

Her wonderful tone, her calm words, her help finding answers to questions. She has helped every aspect of my life from how I am with loved ones, how I can believe in myself and how I can look to the future in a positive way, without fear. Thank you so much, I would recommend this course to anyone.”


“I contacted Laura as I needed some help with my mind/body connection and wanted to improve the way I live. Laura has been inspirational in guiding me through the many ways I can make improvements to my daily life. She has taken me through various meditations, personalised to me, which she records and sends to me for personal use. I have never committed to practising meditation until now, and I have been blown away by the results. After just 5 weeks, I feel much calmer inside, I use meditation to help me easily fall asleep/stay asleep at night and mostly have found that I can listen to my intuition and make relevant improvements to the way I think and feel.  

Following each session, I receive an email from Laura with details of our discussion and actions for me to complete. These emails are the catalyst for me to succeed in creating an even more positive and rewarding lifestyle. Laura is genuinely interested in what I have to say and is guiding me to be my best self. I would very highly recommend Laura to anyone keen to make their lives even better than they are today. Within 5 weeks I feel the quality of my life has massively improved thanks to the guidance from Laura.”


“I asked Laura to help me take my healing to the next level through meditation. I had already made changes to my diet and was ready to delve into the connection between the mind and body when it comes to healing chronic illness. I had also recently experienced a loss and was grieving and therefore was looking to find some sort of emotional peace.

I found Laura compassionate, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. She spoke to me about the parasympathetic nervous system which is the rest and restorative part of the nervous system and how meditation is so important to helping our brains. I had already tried meditations but Laura’s meditation was probably the best one that I have ever participated in. Within 2 minutes, I was in a deep sense of relaxation. Through the hour long meditation, I was able to visualise many of my emotions and release them. It assuaged a lot of my anxieties and made me feel more at peace. Even after the meditation, I felt very relaxed and was able to confront some emotional upheaval that I had to deal with later that day much better. I would highly recommend Laura and her services.”

Louise Ratcliffe

“Covid and lockdown made me stop and think more about what to do with my time and the direction that my life is taking.

Laura and ‘authentically me’ has been the wake up and shake up that I needed. I knew that I wanted to change aspects of my life but fear of time and not having enough of it has stopped me moving forward and has been a major issue/block for me. My issue wasn’t the fear of change, but finding the time to invest in myself. Worrying about time but not doing anything about the things I want to change. I’m still learning a lot as I go and as I write this it’s just dawned on me that time is the excuse I’ve hidden behind and really, it’s the fear of failure. I’ve found time to be ‘fun time Frankie’ but not to invest in the more serious day to day aspects of life and my goals.

Laura’s business came along at exactly the right time for me. I believe in synchronicity and the law of attraction so seeing Laura create Authentically me, it was a no brainer. I was able to invest in myself, if you are reading this, maybe it’s time for you to?

 Laura has been a long-distance friend for some time who believe It or not I only ever met once in Barbados some 10yrs ago, but we stayed in touch. Laura has a good energy, a kind heart and is a lovely person. Laura has gone from offering friendship to so much more with her business. Offering an energetically free and safe space to discuss issues that believe it or not you probably don’t even realise are a ‘thing’. I feel so much more freedom from the work that we have done and that I can achieve anything I put my mind to in the future. Laura’s helped focus my mind and now I approach my goals and aspirations in a much more manageable way. I still have a lot to work on, setup and start but talking, meditating on and reviewing what I need and should be doing has been invaluable to me. I can’t thank her enough.

I’ll definitely be going back to Laura once I’ve worked through my current list that I’ve given myself. I look at it this way, we all pay for insurance, we get our cars serviced, go to the drs etc. so why would you not spend a little money investing in ourselves and give our health a boost at the same time. My advice from someone that’s a very strong minded independent person.. take the step and sign up! I have no doubt you will gain from the experience. Thank you Laura, you do great work and you deserve every success.”

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