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Not quite sure if Authentically Me can help you? Read our business testimonials and you’ll see how much Laura has helped out clients!

Paul Walker

Deputy Head -Joseph Rowntree Secondary School

“Laura has been working with students at The Joseph Rowntree school for some time now. Offering something very unique in this field; students really enjoy her sessions and benefit immensely from her work. Laura’s work covers important topics and emotions, emotions we all feel but those that are so often missed. We’ve asked Laura to cover; confidence boosting, stress relief, respond vs react, results, motivation, authenticity, anxiety, worry, fear,  peer pressure and values. We’ve really seen the benefit that young people can gain from Laura’s work. The sessions are tailored to individuals in a 1-1 space and Laura will adapt to what we feel as a school is core for individual or otherwise. Laura has helped students overcome panic attacks with  clear tangible results. Her work has also improved negative behaviours/attitude and helped students navigate their way through grief, recover from bullying  or the impact of other traumas while getting to know themselves better and provide a safe space for students to talk openly leading to a great sense of calm and reassurance in what can be a hectic and confusing time. I would highly recommend Laura and her services to individuals and also to other schools across the UK.”

I highly recommend working with Laura. We’ve just completed a 10-week course that she did for my personal training clients it’s been very popular and massively helped lots of my ladies, so much so that next year I have already asked Laura for us to start another course in January. Laura is professional but warming friendly and relatable Every session was packed with valuable content to take in during the sessions but to also work on afterwards I’m excited to work with her again next year and so grateful our paths have crossed Thank you Laura You’re amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Verity Garrington
Owner -Team VG
"'I just want to say the mindfulness sessions with you have been fab. I've been listening to them like podcasts when getting tea ready and they are really uplifting and engaging, if sometimes make me quite emotional (i'll blame the onions for my tears) and it's been a great resource to listen to in my own time as I have a busy household. I've been struggling with lots recently so workouts have not been high enough on my agenda so by keeping me engaged in another way I haven't gone as wayward as I might and still strive for doing what I can each day. Thank you for all that your doing, I hope you know how much you have a positive impact on those that you meet and through those that you work with "
Natalie -Team VG
"Laura's kind, humble nature, her knowledge and authenticity is what attracted me to her. Laura spoke about her own story and how she overcame her illness. She then led us through a guided meditation which I must say, was truly mind blowing. I've personally never felt so connected to myself than I did during that meditation. I struggle to find words to describe what I felt but when I shared this with Laura, she just knew by the look on my face. I'm truly grateful to have met someone like Laura who as I said is very professional, knowledgeable, and truly authentic in her approach to wellness, I'd highly recommend Laura for all corporate wellbeing programmes!"
"'This was my first venture into the world of meditation. I have always looked after my physical health with good diet and regular exercise, however it was only during the pandemic that I began to seriously consider my mental health. Working with Laura has opened my eyes to a whole new world and our sessions on a Wednesday have become an island of clam and contemplation within the maelstrom that is secondary school teaching in 2021. The meditations have all been beneficial but the most impactful for me has been the Authentically Me that explored the removal of my mask and my levels of thought integrity."
Steve Hardy
History Teacher - York High School
"Laura is amazing and right from the first session made me feel at ease. Each meditation has been great; so relaxing and there is always a positive and inspirational take away. I really look forward to the weekly sessions and come away feeling so much more positive."
Judy Cooke
Finance Officer - York High School
"I was drawn to Laura's positive energy and inspirational story. I felt there was a great connection. She kindly produced a bespoke meditation as I was going through a few things and I’ve found it so powerful and useful. Laura is so intuitive, kind, thoughtful and caring."
everton football club
Amanda Chatterton
Partnership Relations Manager - Everton Football Club
"I always feel better after our sessions. I find I can apply the techniques you advise us of in many situations throughout the week... both professionally and personally. I cannot praise you highly enough and would recommend other schools to offer the same support to their staff."
Pastoral Mentor - York High School

Simona -York Mind

Myself , York Mind and my most recent female client would like to sincerely thank Laura, for the outstanding ‘Life coaching’ , service she has once again provided whilst working with me on the Action towards inclusion Project, which sadly ends in June .

 The difference I have seen in my client’s progress is astonishing….I have seen my client transform in a short space of time- from lacking in confidence, having a negative self-belief system and low self-esteem- to an increase in confidence, higher sense of self-worth, motivation to change- and ready to transform her life, as she progressed back into employment . Having not work for a couple of years due to  mental health issues and lacking confidence in herself and her ability : she has since gone on to secure a full time job within her desired field and desired place of employment , within a worthwhile and value creating role which my client so much deserved. In her own words my client has quoted how :

 “Laura’s life coaching sessions were incredibly helpful. I learned a lot in a very short time: how to let go of unhelpful thoughts, to question my fears and to be positive and proud of every achievement. Recently I faced a job interview. The night before I listened to Laura’s confidence boost meditation – and I got the job! Thank you so much! I accepted a preliminary job offer within the NHS and I am very happy. Yes, it is shift work, but I gained the confidence to try something different and I am looking forward to the new challenge. Thank you so much for all your help.’’

Many thanks again from myself, Simona Gorin- Project Lead on Action Towards Inclusion, all York Mind staff and Better Connect and of course on behalf of the clients you helped whilst we worked together on the project .

Bonnie Clark -CEO Remarkable

Laura is a most skilled and sensitive guide, her deep understanding of meditation really gave me such confidence, I felt safe, listened to and had an incredible experience that perfectly hit the spot. I felt deeply supported and restored after one session. I was totally delighted to have had that special time together with Laura and was so grateful for her personal approach, tailoring the experience to my specific needs. A truly wonderful experience.”

Lucy -Team VG

I thoroughly enjoy Laura’s mindset sessions she does for us on Team VG. I never thought it was something I needed to do or thought i would enjoy but after trying it for the first time it is now a part of my daily routine. Thanks so much to Laura she really helps my mind and dealing with life in general.

''This year I feel like I have slowly returned back to ‘me’. I have always had fitness in my life and have now introduced yoga & mindset sessions to my lifestyle too. I am so thankful I made the choice to be part of a fitness group that introduced me to Laura’s sessions. Although I have, on and off, always looked after my physical health, I didn’t realise how important it was to look after my mental health too. Being in my early 40’s and menopausal, this has become a lifesaving realisation. Laura’s sessions have really made me take a look into myself and reminded me of me!! It’s really hard to describe in words the difference Laura’s mindset sessions have made. Hearing about Laura’s life and how she has changed and healed by a change in mindset and doing meditation was so inspiring. I use Laura’s techniques just about on a daily basis now. The way I see things can be very different to how I used to. The way I deal with things can be very different to how I used to. I’m happier in myself, less stressed, more confident in me! One of the sessions was on ‘Respond v React’. I use what I learnt in this session a lot in my personal life but mostly my professional life. This has removed a lot of unnecessary stress that I can now see could have been avoided in the past. That stress has not only been removed off my shoulders but others too, just by me taking a moment to reflect before reacting. That is just one example of many differences in my daily life now. There are so many many more. The combination of keeping fit and healthy along with some lovely time out doing yoga and now Laura’s mindset sessions, has made me feel like all the jigsaw pieces are now together. I feel like a very fortunate person right now and can’t thank Laura enough for her part in this. I can't wait for the next course to start! ''
Team VG
"My name is Simona and I work for York Mind. I lead on a lottery funded project called Action towards Inclusion where I work with vulnerable people who are unemployed and struggling with mild- to severe mental health issues and disability. I had recently appointed Laura to work with one of my clients to help them to overcome and work through a diverse range of barriers which were causing vast amounts of obstacles in their path back into employment and self –employment. The noticeable change I have seen in my client has been phenomenal, and this has been achieved through Laura’s wonderful personable approach, where she took the time to tailor the package specifically aligned to meet my client’s needs. Progress made working over a 10 week period has been achieved in various ways. My client attended all of the sessions: in the past they may have disengaged at an early stage or not managed to build ‘rapport’, whereas rapport between my client and Laura was built almost immediately. My client fedback how much they enjoyed the sessions with Laura and how they have helped her recognise certain behaviours , in particular- taking time to ‘ think’ of a response calmly, prior to reacting immediately: and that while her psychosis remains the same this has helped greatly with her anxiety. This is something both myself and Laura are happy to hear and both know she can carry some of this into her future. Laura covered many subjects whilst working on a 1-1 basis: Letting Go, Self-Care, Authenticity, Change, Bad Habits, Fear, Overwhelm, Letting Go Of Worry, Imposter Syndrome and Confidence Boosting. These subjects touched many areas and everything Laura does aligns with 3 cores: Personal relationships, Professional world, and our relationship with our Private Self: all of which my client has struggled with over the years. At the end of each session, after Laura presented, she had a chat with my client, advising tips and techniques to implement, and asked my client for her feedback, thoughts and to share her own opinion, My client advised this was a really enjoyable and helpful part of their experience. My client stated that they found each subject interesting, all relatable and they have shifted certain blame/assumption patterns. My client also expressed this aligned with them personally on a different level to other therapies they had tried.’ Many thanks again for providing such a wonderful service to York Mind.
York Mind
"At the end of our session I opened my eyes with a feeling that I have never felt before, like if I had a deep, refreshing, revitalising sleep. I was ready to face the day with renewed energy, happiness, peace forgiveness and hope."
capital media
Ferida Fernandes
Capital Media
"The team have given such positive feedback following sessions and it was wonderful to hear Mel say this is the first time she’s actually been able to meditate properly after trying apps for some time."
Drew Lydecker
Cofounder and President - Avant
"I would highly recommend Laura after having both worked with her and having attended several sessions. She is great at coaching people and is very easy to talk too. I find the meditation sessions fantastic and will definitely be having more."
Lauren Ryder
Head of Technology Partners - Boxxe

Soundhar V - Alphalake

Software Engineer

”I got introduced to Laura when I was working with Alphalake AI, and that’s the first time I have attended a balance and wellbeing session in my life. From the first day, I started to understand and relate to things that Laura would say in the sessions and felt extremley motivated. She also shared her personal life experiences with us and that was really inspiring. After every session, Laura gave notes and questions for us all to action, and I found myself finding alot of answers with these exercises that were hugely beneficial. Thanks alot Laura for the wonderful sessions.”

Alwin - Alphalake

Head Of Global Services

”I would like to recommend the guided meditation and well-being sessions provided by Laura. Her sessions made me realise my inner potential and gave me a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefitted both my emotional wellbeing and I started working out to improve my overall health. The session helped me to relax for that 1hour and cope with stress by refocusing my attention on something calming. I would recommend everyone to give this a try and make it customised by speaking to her first, so you can gain maximum benefit. ”

"I have attended many meditations with Laura both personally and as part of boxxe group sessions. The meditations are fantastic and content delivered outside of meditation really helps with motivation, inspiration and confidence boosting."
Sophie De Smet
Sustainability Champion
"Laura Simpson is an incredible Meditation Coach and Holistic Healer! Her story is so inspiring and she genuinely cares about the people she serves! Love her soothing and powerful meditations – they have really helped me on my own personal journey!"
Joan Courtney
Director of Field Marketing
"Happy day at work today, had a good relaxing meditation session. Wellbeing and focussing on inner healing using simple breathing techniques and guidance by Laura is something I can do daily even during the breaks. This was a nice break from the routine. Will encourage others also to follow simple meditation."
Alwin Fernandes
Head of Global Services

Anna Lousie Watson

Public Sector Account Manager – Phoenix

“I highly recommend Laura as a personal consultant and life and wellbeing coach. As a sufferer of autoimmune conditions Laura inspired me to make lifestyle and dietary changes in 2018 to help me in my healing process.

Laura is a true professional and dedicated to any project she undertakes. Laura is warm and approachable, bubbly and real. The word ‘’Inspirational’’ is often thrown about but this is the perfect word to describe this lady. The knowledge Laura gained on her own journey to wellness makes her relatable and empathetic-her sense of humour will keep you upbeat and help you out of the valley of disappointment. 100% recommended!!”


Care Provider

“I don’t know where to start! I honestly can’t thank Laura enough for her healing guidance over the last few weeks. I started the journey knowing I wanted some form of help, but didn’t really know what with. Everything in my life was hectic and I knew I needed to address that. I also didn’t realise how isolated I was beginning to feel in lockdown.

The work we did was like a factory reset on my mind.  I suddenly was able to separate issues and feelings that had all been blurred into one. This helped me break them down and focus on them one at a time. I will definitely recommend Laura to friends and family. I will also be in touch for further private sessions in the future.”

Zane Nursajahova

Head of Operations and Resources – Alphalake Ai

“Laura, who’s been through a health rollercoaster herself and has kindly shared her story, has introduced us to a very relaxing and calming session of meditation this morning . Laura is a health coach who delivers well-being with a difference. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and thank you Laura!”

Ana Maria

Sales Gladiator – Capital Media

“In the time that I have known Laura, I have found her to be a positive person of credibility and integrity. In addition, she has distinguished herself as energetic as evidenced by her achievement of obtaining her qualifications in the area of meditation and self-help.

Her desire to help people improve their lives is typical of her character and will serve her well in her career.”


Managing Director – Thrive

“I was very fortunate to meet Laura recently and was instantly made to feel at ease in her (virtual) company, Laura is passionate about meditation and mindfulness and that resonates throughout her entire being.

Having heard Laura’s personal journey and her need and desire to help individuals and organisations access their own authenticity and their inner calm, is indeed a breath of fresh air in the middle of this corporate culture we find ourselves in at this present time. How she has made a personal journey with Meditation that she can now transfer to individuals and entire workplaces to improve employee wellbeing and Mental and physical health. I was also very fortunate that Laura was able to provide a guided meditation, tailored just for me based on healing, this meditation was not only wonderfully produced, but Laura’s manner and tone is clearly indicative of deep learning and understanding of the subject matter and also of the clients’ particular needs and mindset.

I have done many meditation sessions and I can honestly say this was one of the best, just the right mix of music and speech and pauses. Her body scans are very thorough and effective. I am really looking forward to working with Laura very closely in the future and I cannot recommend Authentically Me and especially Laura any more highly.

Everyone needs to be authentic and to heal and Laura will show you or your organisation how to achieve that.”

Amanda Cole

HR & Wellbeing Co-Ordinator -ROQ

“Thankyou so much for our session last week. We have had great feedback, everyone loved it and found it extremely useful. Many have watched / rewatched the recording as well 😊Looking to book more sessions soon. ”

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