There are different types of services offered at Authentically Me. All are tailored to the requirements of each individual or organisation.

1:1 Wellbeing Sessions

Guided Meditation

Motivational Content

1:1 Well-being Sessions

Work with Laura 1:1.

1:1 sessions are hugely powerful. All discussion, content and meditations are set to your distinctive and very own journey.

Spend weekly sessions with Laura, completing a set course where everything is tailored to you and your unique self.

Talk, discuss and release, and be given bespoke techniques to suit your needs. You can receive recordings of meditations to listen to in your own time.  

Between each session, receive motivational reminders from Laura, to keep you progressing on your well-being journey.

Guided Meditation

The word meditation comes from the Latin term meditatum, which means to ponder. The purpose of meditation is to connect with oneself. To silence an overactive mind and recognise how our emotions can influence our behaviour and entire being.

In a busy and hectic world, where technology and social media are more dominant than ever, it is imperative we take time out. Time to relax, destress, be present and to connect body and mind.

Guided meditation is so much more than breath work. Laura guides you on a remarkable journey with each meditation. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

Why meditate? Find out in our blogs why it is important to both individuals and businesses.

Motivational Content

Having been a sales coach, manager and leader for over 10 years, Laura has a great ability to motivate others. As part of her well-being packages, Laura delivers a lot of motivational content, covering a variety of subjects and also sharing tips and techniques to implement in your daily life.

This, as well as tailored, deep meditation, is what truly makes Laura unique. Her meditations are powerful and she has the ability to naturally motivate and bring positivity to all she connects with.

Laura is raw, authentic and honest and she will always share personal stories, journeys and insights with others, which she is often praised on for being as important to individuals as the meditation itself.

Business Packages

Professionally, many of us live in fear and we don’t even know it. We have to tone down parts of our personality in the workplace, but the problem is we have toned it down so much, that we have lost our most powerful tool of all – our authenticity.

Our professional world is a huge part of our life and the workplace can create an enormous amount of stress on the mind and body. It is crucial to not only unwind but also address all emotions related to the workplace, to help you achieve and avoid burn out.

Laura completes tailored group and 1:1 sessions, specific to business and individual needs. Receive recordings of all meditations used in your sessions, that can be used time and time again.

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“I cannot recommend Laura at Authentically Me enough. The sessions I have been on with her have been a true journey into my own mind and body.  They have left me with thoughts about self-improvement through a positive outlook around my achievements and have given me the ability to congratulate myself.”

Rob Blount

Platform Solutions Architect – Boxxe.

“I have attended many meditations with Laura both personally and as part of group sessions. The meditations are fantastic and content delivered outside of meditation really helps with motivation, inspiration and confidence boosting.”

Sophie De Smet

Sustainability Champion – Boxxe.

“Laura’s group and private meditations are hugely beneficial to well-being. They have helped facilitate the much sought after ‘work life balance’. It’s important that people are focused and productive within the workplace but often we need help to switch off at the end of the day/week – Laura’s help on this has been incredible enlightening. “

Jennifer Elliot

HR Manager

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