10 interesting meditation facts

There are so many benefits and interesting stats around meditation…

We have picked our top 10 for you!

  1. It is estimated 200-500 million people meditate worldwide
  2. The number of people who practice meditation has tripled since 2012
  3. Anxiety levels can be improved 60% of the time with meditation
  4. You can reduce your risk of being hospitalised for coronary disease by 87% through meditation
  5. 75% of the time, meditation relieves the symptoms of insomnia
  6. PMS symptoms can be reduced by 57% through meditation
  7. Blood pressure can be lowered 80% of the time through meditation
  8. After just 4 days of meditation, your attention can increase
  9. 60% of people who practice meditation find that it improves their energy, memory and focus
  10. Meditation can lead to a 30% decrease in stress related symptoms, that often lead to serious illness

*These statistics have been taken from a variety of sources*

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