Authentically Me is here to help you become the best version of yourself, through meditation, well-being sessions and deep discussion.

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Hello! Here is a little bit more about me, Laura Simpson.

I am a well-being, guided meditation and positive life coach. I work with businesses and individuals, to help people become the most authentic and best version of themselves.

In 2014, after being healthy all my life, I was hit with a number of horrific auto-immune conditions that changed my life forever. I found myself in horrendous pain and discomfort, bed bound and visiting the hospital weekly. Nothing the doctors or specialists gave me helped.

I took matters into her own hands and decided to explore a natural healing route, embarking on an incredible 5 year journey, eating a plant-based diet, using herbs and essential oils alongside meditation, to really connect my body and mind.

Now aged 36, I have completely transformed my life and am the happiest I have ever been. I accredit a large proportion of this to meditation, a practice I believe everyone should engage in regularly, travelling through the journey of life and becoming the most authentic, successful and stress free version of themselves.

Read more about Laura and her natural healing journey.


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