About Laura

Hello! Here is a little more about me – Laura Simpson.

I am a well-being, meditation and life coach. I work with many different people independently or with businesses to help people become their most authentic self.  

At the prime of life, 6 years ago, aged 29 I was thrust into my biggest challenge to date, I was hit with a number of horrific autoimmune diseases, including interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, gut conditions and folliculitis. 

At the time suffering so badly, I wouldn’t have thanked you for my illness, but now I thank my lucky stars I went through this, as it changed my whole life and led me to the wonderful transformation and life I lead today.

I did many things to heal naturally over 5 years diet, herbs and essential oils. But the biggest factor of all was the mind and body connection. 

I first started meditating 5 years ago, and this practice changed my whole world. I entered a true awakening. Everything improved personally and professionally. I opened my own business, I achieved my goals, I found true happiness and I discovered how important it is to get in touch with our self, our mind and heal/release emotions that happen to us as part of being human. Stress, relationships, break-ups, financial worries, job stresses, job losses, financial woes, illness, grief and much more.

I now work with individuals, groups and businesses to help people live confidently, release inner strength, identify subconscious behaviours, release negative thought patterns, overcome fears, build confidence, relax and destress, heal from life’s up and downs and live the life they truly want and deserve. It’s tough to be human. Self-love, reflection, getting in touch with mind and body can and will change your whole world, you just have to take the first step…

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